Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashioned to Reign | Book Review

It's Time for a Revolution

In the Garden, woman was taken out of man to stand by his side and co-reign with him. But Satan's schemes have robbed women of their rightful identity, disempowering and defacing them. The world aches for God's original partnership to be brought into balance once more--and it can be.

Join Kris Vallotton for an extraordinary journey of eye-opening insight, including

• God's true plan and purpose for women

• Jesus' radical teachings and care for women

• men's important role in restoring women

• the true meaning of difficult Bible passages about women

• examples of women in leadership as God intended

God fashioned women to reign alongside men. Jesus set women free to be beautiful and powerful. It's time for us, as daughters and sons of the King, to rule together in glory again. Will you join the revolution?

"We have failed to realize that Jesus founded the women's liberation movement more than two thousand years ago. Isn't it high time His Church led the revolution?"--Kris Vallotton

I recently read Fashioned to Reign.  The above information is from the publisher and not my words.  The reason for including this information is I really couldn’t find words to express a summary of this book.  I was extremely disappointed with Fashioned to Reign since I found no true, collective, meaning in what Kris Vallotton has written or how it explained how to fulfill my divine destiny. 

I really wanted to love this book and was extremely excited when I requested it.  I wanted to be empowered and to find out what I could do to fulfill my “divine destiny,” but when reading this I got nothing out of this book that resembled anything like the two things I wanted.  Instead, what I got was a book that talked about Adam and Eve chapter after chapter. 

I am also trying to figure out how Kris’s experience with baggage handling and searching in a small time airport relates to anything this book promised.  There are many more circumstances throughout the book, like this one, that I was questioning it’s relevance and why he would include this part of the book.  I was actually confused and lost most of the time. 

I am not saying that this isn’t a good book.  What I am saying is that it’s not a book for myself and I encourage any woman that thinks she might get something out of this book to read it. Not all women are the same and there might be one that this book can change her life.  So, please check it out and see if it is something for you. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated are my own.*

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