Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prayer Warrior Mom | Book Review

 I love praying for my kids.  With the help of Marla Alupoaicei, and her new book Prayer Warrior Mom, I have learned a few, new, ways to make my prayer life more intense than ever and better serving God.

I have always struggled with prayer. No matter how much I tried to pray and how hard I pray, I feel like it's not good enough for God.  He deserves better. The worst part is I desperately want to pray for my kids and be the praying parent that God always meant for me to be.  The great thing is, this book has helped with that TONS.  Alupoaicei makes understand how to pray and developing your prayer life to the life God has always wanted for you.

She talks about how we are supposed to “stand in the gap” for our kids.  We are supposed to be the one person that can fill that small, empty area between our kids and God.  It’s not always easy because we might be asking for something in prayer but, not meeting the conditions that God needs to see satisfied to give us a “yes” answer to our prayer.  Such conditions might be things like: having an attitude of submission, being faithful and not doubting, plus many more including my favorite of having a pure motive when we are coming to God with a prayer.

Meeting all the conditions of prayer help but, there might be times when you need to be persistent about what you are praying and keep it up.  God has a time when He will answer all prayers, it just might not be on your schedule.

You can also fast which will help you have a “spiritual breakthrough.”  While you don’t need to do a full fast for 40 days like Jesus, you can do a short fast for a day or two or you can fast from a certain food or drink.  It’s about sacrificing something we love or feel we need to have a new found realization. 

This book was made for the momma that wants to be a light in the dark of their child's life.  It’s an invaluable resource to the mother that truly wants a great life for their kids.  The life that God always meant for them to have.  Take the time and read this book.  If you love your kids as God loves them you will use this book to help develop your prayer life to the one that God wants for you to have.

Be a mom that stands in the gap for your kids.  Be the mom that God wants you to be.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of this review.*

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