Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Revealing Jesus A 365 Day Devotional | Book Review

Darlene Zchech is well known for her beautiful voice and glory to God lyrics but, did you know that she was an amazing devotional writer also? Neither did I till I read her new devotional Revealing Jesus: A 365 Day Devotional.  I guess it would be expected considering her inspirational lyrics.

Darlene Zchech has a way of finding what lies deep within your heart and putting it into words on paper.  It’s amazing how each of the days were all relating to a part of my life.  It feels like she has writing this devotional with you in mind and that she was just the carrier of God’s great words, to help you see Him more.

We are all searching and wanting a way to see more of God’s presence in our lives and what better way than to spend a small fraction of your time daily reading this wonderful new devotional.  There is a devotion for every day of the year.  It’s absolutely wonderful. 

I was one of the few that was allowed to review the book along with the deluxe addition CD/DVD.  Can I just say that this was a gift from God…The DVD is an inspiring concert filled with worship like you never imagine.  It’s uplifting, heart-warming, and time spent glorifying God in all His glory.  The CD is just the DVD concert but, I love this about it.  You can take Darlene’s amazing concert with you everywhere.  Put the CD in your car and leave the DVD at home and you have an amazing experience glorifying God wherever you are.

What really got to me was when my kids started singing the lyrics to the songs.  I couldn’t have asked for anything so lovely.  My children singing their praises to God along with myself and the CD.  It was perfection!!!
***I was given a complimentary copy of this book and CD/DVD for the purpose of this review from Bethany House.***

Here is the video of one of the awe-inspiring songs from the CD/DVD.  Enjoy!!!

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