Thursday, July 11, 2013

NIV Leadership Bible | Book Review

Zondervan Publishing House has recently released a new Bible entitled The Leadership Bible (NIV.)  

The translation of this Bible is the widely accepted NIV translation which makes this amazingly easy to read and understand but, the truly wonderful differences are what is included in this Bible to make it worthy of the title The Leadership Bible.

Throughout the Bible there are great extras that will help you increase your leadership quality, if you already had some, and if you didn't,
well you will after studying your way through.

There are 52 weekly studies throughout and they are broken down into 5 days.  Each day has a different assigned reading and they correspond to a way in which you can relate it to God, yourself and how to incorporate the skills and teaching you have learned.  They are extensive studies and will take you all around the Bible in just one week of study.  Your readings are just in one chapter.

Each one of the 52 studies is related to a certain character trait of a great leader or skills that might help you become a better leader.  You can do the studies in order or you can pick a topic that interest you and start there.  (I love this feature myself.)

Also included in the Bible are small tidbits of information that can be helpful.  The two different versions of these are Insights and Profiles.  My favorite is the profiles.  They are usually about a half a page and are more information about some of the great men, and women, of the Bible that have shown leadership skills that Zondervan wanted to point out.  They have even included a profile on Satan himself.  This actually shocked me but, when you read the profile it makes sense why it’s included.

This Bible would make a wonderful gift for a future leader that you may know, your husband or son that want to take their leadership role in their family seriously, and even the women in your life that are in leadership positions since there are more and more of them emerging every day.  No matter who is reading this Bible, they will defiantly learn how to be a better leader and how to implement God’s word towards leading others.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.*

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