Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rising Above Death and Moving Forward

It's really hard to make it through life sometimes.

I know that we all have to deal with death at some point but, there are times that are worse than others.  Like the death of one of your parents or children.

I recently lost my mother to a long, hard, well fought battle with a list of illnesses.  It has been a hard time in my life but, knowing my mother and how she approached life, I know that she would not have wanted me to sit around and feel sorry for myself or her.  I mean, why would I need to feel sorry for her?  She is fully healed and living her life now with our wonderful Father and His glorious son.

In the aftermath of her death and remembering her for who she truly was, before all the illness, I have been inspired to create an online (and hopefully more) ministry.

So...in the upcoming months I will be debuting a whole new ministry that I hope can encourage women to live better lives.  Lives worthy of our King.  While also showing them ways to teach their children to follow His ways.

(My mother loved teaching kids.)

With this all said.  I am rising above all the sadness and depression that death can bring and creating a ministry in honor of someone who meant so much to me.

Stay Tuned!!!!!!

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