Thursday, August 1, 2013

My So-Called Life As A Submissive Wife | Book Review

Submission.  That word strikes fear in the heart of any modern woman.  The question is…Why?  Well, when we think about submission, definitions that come to mind are: feeling like a slave, being a lesser member of society, and just basically being someone that forfeits our own self-worth to subject ourselves to others for their will.  There was a reason for the feminist movement and we aren't trying to go back in time. 

The definitions that we all think about are nothing in comparison to what God really has in store for you when taking that role.  Sara Horn finds this out first hand while taking on the task of living as a submissive wife in her new book My So-Called Life As A Submissive Wife.  She found out that true submission is becoming your husband’s helper and letting go of all the feelings of wanting to run everything. It’s about letting your husband have his God-given place in a household…the head of the household just as Christ is the head of the church.

Sara decided that after trying to be a Proverbs 31 wife, and writing her previous book about that journey, that she would take up the role of a submissive wife, one that the Bible says we should all be.  This is not a decision that should be taken lightly so she talked to her husband and they both decided that she would attempt this experiment.  Only after a few concerns from her husband.  He was not in the market for a doormat when he got married so he was a little weary of this experiment. 

During that year she went through a lot that would have tested her submissiveness such as living with her in-laws, buying a new house, dealing with a future deployment of her husband, a hurricane, her husband having surgery, and many more daily issues that we all have to deal with.  But, not once did she stop her experiment.  She allowed her husband to be the head of household like God had intended and let go of the reigns.  Letting go and letting her husband run everything was a big turning point for her.  She realized that letting go is a huge part of submission, but not always an easy one.

Now, Sara’s journey wasn’t smooth sailing.  There were plenty of times where she would get a little off track and falter while on her path, but she always found a way to get back on the path that God laid out for her with His help.  Sometimes she would make a big decision on her own and would later find that a submissive wife would consult their husband first and found that it was better that way.  She is not perfect and never claimed to be.

The title and subject of this book, alone, will turn some people off and that’s ok.  This book comes with a warning.  In the very first sentence Sara warns that this book isn’t for everyone.  It’s not a gimmick to get you to read her book or reverse psychology, and after reading it I understand why.  Not every woman will be ready for the way this book will change their lives.  Some are to busy ladder climbing at a cooperation that they will not even think twice about becoming a submissive wife.  She does address the whole “being equal to a man in the workplace” issue and I love what she had to say about that…”Maybe we’re really not supposed to be just like men.”  Taking care of our families starts in the home. 

I’m sure there are a few of you reading this that are really mad right about now and that’s quite alright.  Take the time to read the book for yourself and you just might find a new perspective on what your role in your marriage is.  Your husband’s helper.  You can still have a great career and be his helper at the same time.  You just have to find a perfect balance and with God’s help that will be possible.

This book will change your whole outlook on your marriage if you give it the chance.  I know it did in mine.  I see things that I was already doing that are part of a submissive wife and things I needed to change.  I am by no means a submissive person and actually got some really funny looks from members of my church and close friends that found it odd that I was reading this book.  But, I am extremely grateful that I did.  It has made me a better wife and mother and I have no regrets…not one!!!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. *

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