Thursday, August 22, 2013

The One Year My Princess Devotions Preschool Edition | Book Review

Every little girl loves to play dress up and pretend they are princesses.  What they don’t know, unless their family teaches it to them, is that they don’t have to play dress up to be a princess because they are already a princess of our wonderful King.

There is a new book from the One Year line of books called The One Year My Princess Devotions Preschool Edition by Karen Whiting.  If you are familiar with this line then you know how great the books are.  This one is no different.

Your little girl can be shown each day of the year that she is truly a princess in the glorious kingdom of God.  Since this is the preschool edition, the devotions are short and sweet keeping in mind the fact that a preschooler has a short attention span. 

What I love about the daily devotions is that even though they are short they pack a lot of teaching in a small time.  Each devotion includes a Royal Word (scripture verse), Princess Thoughts (short teaching), A Prayer for the King (daily prayer), and Princess in Action (way to implement the teaching.)  Topics of the devotions range from friendship to hearing God’s word to obedience to God and many, many more. 

My favorite part of this book is that the Princess in Action part allows me to reinforce the devotion with activities that my daughter loves.  Some of them are making royal crowns, practicing walking gracefully, and lighting a candle for Jesus’ birthday just to name a few. 

I am thrilled that I FINALLY found a devotional that works for my daughter.  It’s hard because most devotionals are created for an older demographic but, this is the best preschool edition that I have found and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. *

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