Thursday, October 24, 2013

People Raising by William Dillon

People RaisingThere are people in society with so many wonderful ideas of ministries that can be of great service to others in need.  The only drawback is that most of these people don’t know how to get the money needed to start their ministry.  The new and expanded edition of People Raising by William P. Dillon is a manual that will help those people achieve their dreams of ministering to others. 

What I love about this book is that Dillon will walk you through each step of fundraising with intricately detailed instructions.  But before he starts talking about how to raise money he explains the biblical way of doing so.  Most believe that God will provide, and He will, sometimes it’s not in the form of cash, but instead, the people He puts into your life. They were sent by God so that you may find the support needed to accomplish your goal. 

After you get through the first part of the book and come into the right attitude for raising money you will move to the next part where Dillon walks you through reach step of raising the funds needed.  This is one of the best parts of the book.  Each chapter of this part is dedicated to one step and the requirements needed to fulfill that step.  He walks you though how to start with the people you already have in your circle, to how to make appointments and conduct them in a manner that others will want to contribute, and how to say thank you.  Yes, you need to thank your donors.  They will appreciate it greatly and possibly be willing to give more in the future. 

The last part of this book is how you are going to implement your plan.  Once you have walked through each step of this book and have your plan all laid out it’s time to put it into motion.  Dillon is here to help with that also.  He with you on your walk each step of the way.

Raising the money to start a ministry or organization can be hard work and very time consuming.  If you keep this book with you at all times you should not have any questions.  It’s filled with all the tips you will need and step to make sure you are fulfilling the mission God has set before you.  I think this book is more like a seminar than just a book.  There is so much information that you will never regret having this book in your library if you want to create a new church, go on a mission trip, or just want to create an non-profit.  It’s one book that I will always have on my desk.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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