Friday, October 18, 2013

The Bible Savvy Series

The bible can be a hard book to read sometimes.  It can seem disconnected and just plain overwhelming.  Well, that’s they way it feels to me.  I have found  set of book recently called The Bible Savvy series by James L. Nicodem.  These books have helped me tremendously. 

There are 4 books to the series and each one of them builds on the book before.  Nicodem starts the series off with a book titled Epic: The Storyline of the Bible.  Most people assume that the bible is just a bunch of stories that have no connection to each other, but in fact, the bible has a continues theme that shows up in each story: Redemption.  He starts off by showing how redemption is prepared, prophesized, proclaimed, purchased and then perfected.  Each of the 66 books in the bible plays a part in the completed story.

The next three books show how you can better understand and learn from the bible and points to how you can see the theme of redemption throughout. 

Context: How to understand the Bible
Foundation: The Reliability of the Bible
Walk: How to Apply the Bible

Each one of these books builds on the foundation that Nicodem laid when he shows you that the bible has one, important, central themes.  These three books help you to better get acquainted with your bible and show you that no matter what anyone says, it is a reliable source to build your faith and life on. 

My absolutely favorite part of these books are that they are not just a manual to follow.  Nicodem engages the reader with questions at the end of the chapters so that you can really apply what he is saying in these books and have a better life by understanding God’s word better.  

 I think this series would make a great bible study for a church since a lot of people have a hard time with understanding all the things God has to say.  I have noticed that one of the issues I have, at times, is getting everything from God’s word that He would want me to, but now I have help and you can too.

*I received a complimentary copy of these books from the publisher for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. *

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