Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite Healthy Snack

Picture from Chobani website
I have recently joined a group on Facebook that is titled Women's Bible Cafe Weight Loss Group.  It's an amazing group of ladies all with a few common threads.  First.....we are all lovers of God and Jesus.  Second....we are all on a mission to get healthy and lose a few pounds in the process.

The ladies in this group got me back on track (I had fallen off a little) for a healthy life style.  Plus, they got me thinking about my food choices, especially my snacking choices.  I have one snack that I absolutly love and its healthy too.  Its Greek yogurt.

I am obsessed with Greek yogurt.  It is a fairly new product (well, at least here in the states) but, they have soooo many flavors that it wouldn't be hard for someone to find a flavor they like.  My favorites happen to be Honey, Black Cherry, and Peach.  Yeah, I know...not to exciting.  Hey, I'm a pretty simple person.  

The best part about Greek yogurt is that it's really thick.  If you don't like regular yogurt because of the fact that the texture is too runny you would probably really enjoy this.  The other thing I LOVE about Greek yogurt is that it has significantly more protein than regular.  All the other stats are about the same it just has a lot more protein which helps keep you fuller longer.  

Greek yogurt can also be exchanged for sour cream.  Well, the plain kind can.  It's so thick and has the same tang that sour cream has but with all the same flavor.  Only, it's a lot healthier.  Basically any place that you use sour cream, you could use plain Greek yogurt.

If you want to try out Greek yogurt for the first time go to Chobani's website....they have recipes and coupons.

Happy Healthy Eating,


  1. I love those Chobani yogurts too!

  2. I so love this greek yogurt! I love the plain with fresh blueberries and granola! Thank you for this post! God bless!

  3. I love getting a big container of plain to use in place of sour cream, or mix into chicken salad, etc. Then for breakfast I stir in agave nectar or honey to sweeten it up and add in granola or fruit. Very good for you!