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Review: inSIGNIFICANT | Missouri Made Momma

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We all have times when we feel like we don’t matter.  We can be going through relationship problems, health issues, or a life that is hard.  All of the hardships in life can make you feel so small.  In the book “InSignificant” by Chris Travis he shows us how we can be find our significance in the worst part of our life and how we actually measure how significant we are. 

Most people measure significance by their possession or occupation. We don’t realize that those two things are the least important items in our lives.  Travis talks about how he was a engineer major in college simply because he was good in math and science.  Little did he know he would instead become a pastor and eventually a middle-school math teacher.  God definitely had plans for him. 

He was teaching in one of the worst public schools in New York City’s public school system.  There was violence, graffiti, items being thrown at him, and this was all on a daily basis.  But, he was helping kids that truly thought that they would never matter, that THEY were insignificant.  So, by showing them the mattered he found out that he was actually significant.

Travis realized that his significance lied in God.  He must be a servant for God before he would matter to God.  Teaching might not be the most affluent when it comes to profession (how can a teacher be significant) but, it’s not about your profession when it comes to how much we matter. 

Travis was working in one of the worst schools, living in a poor neighborhood, and dealing with violence on a daily basis but, found that he was important to God.  He was doing God’s will. 

To be significant you must become insignificant first.  I know that sounds weird but, to matter you must first be a servant to others.   Really, can our possessions make or break us?   Or is it our character that matters more.  If we don’t have any physical possessions, are we still the same person? 

I have to say that when I first started this book I didn’t get it.  It was a hard read for me in the beginning but, once I got past the first half it all clicked.  The book started making sense and got me thinking.  Yes, I feel like I don’t matter some of the time but, why is that?  Is it because I don’t have what I want out of life right now….YES.  Is that how I am supposed to measure whether I am important or not…NO.  Maybe this was hard for me to read because it hit too close to home.  Even though it was hard to read once I definitely plan on reading it again.  It set my proprieties straight and got me thinking about what I am doing with my life.  I think I will get even more out of it a second or third time going through it.  

I want to leave, you the reader, with a couple of thought provoking questions.  What makes me significant?  How do we judge whether we are significant or not?  This book have changed my thinking and I am sure it will change yours.  

I received this book free from Bethany House.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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