Monday, December 10, 2012


To go along with the song that I posted for today (Believe by Josh Groban) I wanted to talk about something I have been thinking about lately.

Why is it so bad if kids believe in Santa?  I know that he was something that most of us believed in when we were younger but, grew out of.  We all waited till Christmas morning wanting to see what he put under the tree for us.  What happened with that belief?

When did believing in Santa become wrong?

I, for one, have no problem with my kids having a belief in Santa.  This time of year is all about magic, love, peace, and happiness.  If believing in Santa makes my kids happy, well then, by all means have your belief.

I thought it was ok to have belief in something bigger than ourselves.  Most of us believe in God, right?  Yeah, sure, maybe it doesn't seem logical that one man can deliver presents to all the good children in the world in one night but, we can't always find the logic in miracles that are delivered by God either.

My children learn about Jesus, Advent, Hanukkah, and Santa.  He was an actual person if you remember right.  We have a lot to talk about during the month of December and that's perfectly fine with me.

During this time of year, I want my family to have the happiness and magic that this time brings.   If believing in Santa brings them that happiness then......

We Believe

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