Friday, February 1, 2013

Beautiful Girl:Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body | Book Review

Beautiful Girl: Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body by Christine Northrup with Kristina Tracy is a wonderful book to help our young girls see just how special they are and counteract everything they are constantly seeing modern day media.

Christine and Tracy add another glorious book to their resumes with this story that will teach young girls that they are special. She begins the book with a letter to the parents.  I love this for the simple fact that she addresses why she wrote this book and how it will help raise girls.

Today's society always tells us what is wrong with us and as a mother of a girl I am always trying to show her what is right about her.  Especially when it comes to her body.  Christine, in the letter to the parents, talks about how she has spent her career helping other women but she has realized that "...the most important part of a woman's health is her attitude about her body."  Now, I know I can totally relate to that sentence.  The things is...I don't want my daughter to be able to relate.  I want to stop that issue before it ever becomes a problem.  Thus enters, Beautiful Girl.

They start the story by talking about how lucky you are being born a girl and that you possess special gifts. They go on to talk about how a girls body changes and blossoms into something greater.  They compare a girls body to a garden and how everything in nature is perfect and will bloom in its own time.

I like that they don't discredit boys in this book even thought its all about how special you are as a girl.  They say that boys have their own special gifts as well.

As my daughter is still young I feel this book is a little too much for my girl.  She is just above preschool age but, this would be a wonderful book for a girl approaching her tween years.  Wonderful book for a school age girl just starting to become more aware of her body.

This would make a wonderful gift for your daughter for Valentine's Day.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*

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