Friday, February 1, 2013

God Gave Us Easter | Book Review

The true meaning of Easter....
Kids are so used to having the Easter bunny, egg hunts and all the candy involved with Easter.  If you are a Christian family then you also have the TRUE meaning of Easter...Jesus' resurrection.   But, where does Easter come from???

In Lisa Tawn Bergren's new book God Gave Us Easter she explain to children where Easter comes from.  

Little Cub is back to celebrate another holiday.  This time it's Easter.  To help him along his journey on where Easter came from is his papa.  Of course like every little kid, Little Cub loves all the secular things about Easter...the Easter eggs, Easter bunny and candy.  Papa explains how all those things are to show us the happy surprises in the morning.  Like the resurrection of Jesus.  

Little Cub and Papa go on a hike and while they are traveling along they are talking about various aspects of Easter such as the death of Jesus (fallen tree), his resurrection (new baby trees), and how Jesus & God keep their promises (a rainbow.) Papa was also talking about how he talks to Jesus and Jesus talks back.  Little Cub couldn't understand how Papa could hear Jesus with his heart and not his ears but learns to listen with his heart along the way and goes to bed with a new found feeling of love.

This book is a wonderful addition to the God Gave Us series and I think it has to be my favorite one.  Bergren talks about some very touchy issues that are hard to explain to children.  I actually fear talking to my children about the resurrection of Jesus because He died and death scares children.  This book will make it a lot easier to start that conversation with my children since Little Cub and Papa were talking about how Little Cub was afraid of death.  I feel that they will have a feeling of understanding, knowing the main character of this story is feeling exactly how they are.  

I HIGHLY recommend this book to families of children preschool ages and even though 5-6th grade. It's perfect for all.  It might help start a conversation that would otherwise be hard.  The conversation about death.  

*I was given a complimentary copy from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*  

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