Monday, March 11, 2013

Reclaiming Your Heart: A Journey Back to Laughing , Loving, and Living | Book Review

Are you ready to have a life filled with happiness, laughter and love?

Reclaiming Your Heart by Denise Hildreth Jones is a wonderful book if you feel like you have closed your heart down to the world.  This book takes you on a self exploration to find your way back to having a heart that cares and one that is set on God.

As you walk this path Jones walks side by side with you sharing her journey from a closed heart, one that was shut down by a controlling and miserable first marriage, to a heart filled with love and faith, and a second husband whom she loves with all her heart.  You might not think that a closed heart would be such a bad thing but, that’s where you are wrong.  Jones says that it’s a “sin.”  Now, at the time she said this I didn't understand WHY it would be a sin and was actually really shocked but, Jones says that if you have a closed heart you feel that God isn't enough.  That God hasn't given you enough and the way you were made isn't enough.

Now, there isn't just one way for your heart to shut down.  There are many different types of closed hearts.  I never imagined so many.  In this book Jones tells you about 8 different types of closed hearts.  They include “The Performing Heart”, “The Critical Heart”, “The Angry Heart”, plus more.  She shows you how YOU have allowed yourself to become miserable.  Yes, YOU are at fault and it’s a life that isn't glorifying God if your heart is closed to all He has for you.  But, there is good news.  (This gives you a small glimmer of hope.)  You can change your heart.  You will have to do the work and WANT to change but, it’s possible.

Now, if you chose to take the steps down the rocky road back to a warm heart filled with God’s love, there is even more help than just this book.  If you go to Denise Hildreth Jones website, she has videos and studies…FREE…to help direct you.   This is a great study for a small group or take the journey on your own.  Don’t forget though…You are never on your own.  Not only is Jones walking right next to you but, you will always have God walking hand in hand with you, if you are just willing to open your heart again.

There is also a companion novel to go with this book.  It's called "Secrets over Sweet Tea."

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the Tyndale House for the purpose of this review.*

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