Tuesday, November 20, 2012

B & N Nook Tablet = Huge Disappoinment

****I am a PR Friendly blog but, I don't like when products DO NOT do what they are supposed to or have issues that need to be fixed****

I love to read

I am probably one of the last few still holding out on print books.  Yes, I know that there have been so many new ebook readers released with wonderful options but, I still like holding an actually book in my hands.  The only downside...I can usually only take 1 book with me on the go.  This is where the Nook Tablet comes in.

With an ebook reader you can take a whole library with you.  You can just put your reader in your purse and still have space left over for your makeup and cell phone.  So, I finally gave in when I was asked if I would be interested in a Nook Tablet for an early Christmas present from my mother.  I thought "Sure, Ill give it a try.  It will give me so many reading options while on the go."  (Since I am constantly on the go....but, what mom isn't?)  

 I was excited while buying it and my mother even got me a cover to put the Nook in.  That's where my joy ended.   I seriously regret getting the Nook Tablet and should have gotten a Kindle instead.  

It's been nothing but problems since the beginning.  I took the Nook Tablet out of the packaging and followed ALL directions.  Charged it overnight and then went through the setup the next morning.  By that afternoon I had a Nook Tablet with a black screen.  Nope, the battery wasn't dead because the back light was still on....Just a black screen.  Less than 24 hours and my Nook wasn't working properly.

The problems haven't stopped since that very first day.  My Nook Tablet constantly resets itself, the web browser is always crashing, and the only way that it works right is if you are trying to read a book.  That's assuming that it doesn't decide to turn itself off.   (All of these issues have been recorded by B & N customer service since I had to call them to get my reader fixed)  

I was given this as a gift.  Gift = something that is supposed to make you happy and joyful.  I have been nothing but disappointed and upset since the beginning .  I was actually thinking about getting my children one for each of them since they have a LOVE of reading like myself and I promote reading in my household but, I highly doubt I will be doing so considering the issues I have been having with mine.  
Yes, my tablet could be one of few but, I wanted people to know about my experience with it.   

The opinions here are my own.  My experience is my own.  Like I said earlier in this post....The issues I have had HAVE BEEN DOCUMENTED by customer service.  

I am in no way affiliated with Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  The names used (Nook Tablet & Kindle) are owned by their perspective companies.  

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