Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween | Missouri Made Momma

I have to admit that I LOVE this story.  Partially since it's my little one and partially since she did something that we all wished we could do when we were trick-or-treating.

So...while going from house to house last night I noticed something that I just couldn't help but laugh at.  As I watched her walk up to the door and wait for the person to give her candy I saw that she wasn't allowing ANYONE to put the candy directly into her pumpkin. They had to HAND her the candy so that she might inspect it to make sure it is something that she wanted.  If not she would hand it back and walk away.

Now Im trying to think....does she not understand the concept of trick-or-treating OR is she trying to change up the game entirely?

You know you wished you could give back the candy you didn't like when you were younger also.

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