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Fearless Daughters of the Bible Book Review

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Studying the women of the bible has become a recent fascination of mine.  Times were hard for them.  They didn't have all the help that we have.  But, yet....they made it all work.

My studies have been made easier with help from J.Lee Grady and his new book Fearless Daughters of the Bible.  In Grady's book he talks about 22 women of the bible and shows us what we can learn from each them.

It's interesting reading a book for women, about women, but written by a man.  How could Grady possibly understand women and what we need to learn???  Well, when you have 4 daughters and when you have been "drowning in a sea of estrogen" (Grady) for many years, I would think you might learn a thing or two.

Some of the women included in the book are:

  • Deborah- a woman in leadership which isn't see very much in the bible
  • Mary- Mother of Jesus (of course we can learn much from her)
  • Sarah- Wife of Abraham.  The woman to mother a faith.
  • Many amazing women more......
This makes a wonderful small group study since he includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  The questions help you to dig deeper into the book as well as yourself.  Grady then finishes each chapter with a letter from your Heavenly Father.  It's like God is writing to you personally.  

For a man writing a book about women, Grady did a wonderful Job.

***Disclaimer- I received this book complimentary from the publisher for my honest opinion.***

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