Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Christmas Present Idea

Image from Barnes & Noble website
I love books.  I am always getting books for my kids.  So, for Christmas I will be getting more wonderful stories to add to our library.  One of the books I got recently is amazing.

I don't know if you have heard of the Little Blessings series from Tyndale Kids but, if should definitely check it out.

Are Angels Real is a wonderful book since a lot of kids are wondering about that.  Actually...some adults wonder until they are shown that they are.  Kids have an easier time believing in something they can't see.

Are Angels Real is an older book (published in 2001) but, it's still relevant.  With cute rhyming lines and funny phrase and questions your child will be thoroughly enthralled and interested.

It's definitely cute when your child is sitting their pondering the thoughts in the book.  Like do angels wear sandals or shoes.?  Or can I become an angel when I get to heaven?

The next time your child questions whether angels are real or not, you can just reassure them that the bible says they are.

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